Sugar Daddy Dating Surprised Me!

I never thought to date outside my age-group. All my girlfriends dated college guys and I did too. After I left college I began sharing an apartment with a girl from out of state, Marika, and we soon became friends. She never seemed to struggle paying her share of the apartment costs like I did, even though she worked part time in a florists. I confronted her about this and she said it was because of sugar daddy websites. All the time I had thought that the guy who picked her up each weekend was her father but no, Byron was her sugar daddy,  dating him was her “money maker” and they had met on Millionaire-Match a site she used to meet wealthy older men. I was shocked but also intrigued, Marika was a nice girl and always so friendly and supportive, and considerate of others, and I had a hard time reconciling that with my mental image of a gold-digging sugar baby. Marika suggested the three of us got out together, so I could see what it was all about.
I was very surprised by Byron, he was 48, but very handsome and he worked to take care of his body where guys my age often took their looks for granted and were out of shape. He was attentive and he treated us, and especially Marika, like princesses. At home that night, while Marika was in a hotel with Byron, curiosity got the better of me and I looked up Millionaire-Match online. I created a profile and found it was just like using a regular dating site, except I had to be a little more forward about what I’d like from a guy. It was actually pretty exciting 🙂 I said it was my first time exploring sugar daddy sites and I was a little nervous.

I got many replies over the following week, from some very handsome, and wealthy men. I really clicked with Ralph, who was in his early 50s and owned his own company. The age gap excited me, quite honestly and though I was very nervous, Ralph’s confidence reassured me.
Our relationship lasted 8 months, and we ended because Ralph wanted to settle down but I wanted to explore my new-found freedom. We are still friends, and I am grateful to him for clearing my student debt and showing me how wonderful sugar daddy dating is!
Since then I have dated other men I met on Millionaire-Match and I have fine jewellery, beautiful designer clothes and enjoyed beauty treatments, club memberships and vacations, and at such a small cost to myself. Of course there is reciprocation, I am an attractive young woman after all and it is tacitly agreed that I provide entertaining and attractive company to the sugar daddies I date. I’d recommend sugar daddy websites to any reasonably attractive young woman who wants to enjoy the good life, and is willing to get over a degree of preciousness about her body and about sex. Love can be part of the equation too! When you start dating a sugar daddy, it can quickly turn to genuine affection.. often these men are cultured and intelligent, and possess a wisdom, maturity and confidence that younger men lack. I have heard it said youth is wasted on the young, and it is true. Older men can be attractive on many levels, not least their ability to provide for a woman. Because there is financial security, there is never arguing about money and you are both free to enjoy your relationship.